Artisans, no merchants: our strength

Our company was born from the experience and passion of those who create the jewelry that you find yourself in our shop in Via Crispi.

Cillabijoux is a workshop, all of our items are produced in our laboratory, all work by hand. We are not traders, we do not purchase finished products are then resold in the store, we have no industrial production. We are a family that believes in 30 years from this work and in your store will be served by us! That is why our relationship with the client wants to be personal.

We no longer have a shop just because otherwise we can not guarantee the service that sets us apart: our every client is welcomed into the store by the persons that made the object of interest and can therefore provide more appropriate advice. If we did manage a third another outlet would be lost this very important aspect: the personal dialogue and the power of the trade.

For the same reasons we carry out on-line sales, it is not in our philosophy: the jewel, or jewelry, must be seen live, touched, felt. You can not buy jewelry without seeing at least in their own hands. Live you appreciate the finish, the details, all that is lacking in an object seen only in photographs.

To guarantee this is always the possibility of changing one of our object. Especially when it is a gift, a jewel that can happen is that we very well might not have the same effect as wearing to those who donated. There are problems, the gift recipient can come to us and choose the one that prefers, according to his tastes and, if they want it from us.

We do not like pointing the finger at those who have chain stores or those who sell on-line, we just want to give the customer the right attention that today is a little lost, and that is essential for us instead.

Cillabijoux, as a craft, it aims at the quantity but the quality of our jewelry, so word of mouth is still our greatest advertisement.

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