About us

Cillabijoux was born from ideas of Lucia Andreucci.

 Lucia Andreucci,  was born in Rome in 1944, after graduating he attended the Higher Institute of High Fashion and in 1965 obtained the certificate of costume and dress designer with honors.

Ranked first in his course was awarded the Diploma of figures in 1966 and won an internship at the great tailor Emilio Schuberth, also known as the “tailor of the stars.” Among his famous clients: Rita Hayworth, Ingrid Bergman, Bette Davis, Brigitte Bardot, Sofia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida and Anna Magnani.

After the internship Lucia was finally taken by Emilio Schuberth and became his trusted dress designer. He worked for the famous Taylor from 1964 to 1968 gaining a wealth of experience in the field of fashion.

After the closing of the atelier, Lucia decides to continue its own activities and opened a small dress designer butique. In these years he participated as a member of the jury to award the certificates and awards on stage with the European Institute of Design.

Already in the years when he worked for Schuberth Lucia was also asked to design jewelry that suits the figures. Thus was born in her a passion for accessories, which is pursuing parallel fashion for about five years.

In 1973, Lucia decided to devote himself exclusively to the jewelry and founded a small company, and gives it its name, even his nickname, all at home with the diminutive Lucia called “Cilla” … and hence the name CILLABIJOUX.

Cilla begins immediately with enthusiasm his work as creator of jewelry, in a totally self-taught, but his great passion and great will bring it soon became known in the fashion industry.

One of the first collaborations with the prestigious Cillabijoux is tailoring the Fontana Sisters, the well-known designers who first brought the Italian high fashion in international markets, thus giving a great InPulse and prestige to the “made in Italy”.

By Sorelle Fontana Cillabijoux worked for several years with great enthusiasm and vitality.

Cilla also carry out parallel close cooperation with the foreign market, particularly with Japan and Sweden, bringing our name to the world in the industry.

Since the early years after founding the company, Cilla is in close contact with the television. The collaboration with the RAI has been for us one of the most durable. We treated the jewels of many television programs, including “Fantastico” and “Domenica In”. The famous presenter Raffaella Carra just wanted our jewelry for his broadcasts, “Pronto Raffaella” to “Buonasera, Raffaella”, from “Raffaella Venerdì, Sabato e Domenica” to “Ricomincio da Due”,  from its programs in Spanish TV until recent “Carramba che sorpresa”.

Remarkable was also working with the theater, we have created the jewelry for Cillabijoux theater, among the most illustrious La Scala in Milan, the Teatro Regio in Turin, the Teatro Sistina and the Teatro Eliseo in Rome.

In the 80’s, give prestige to our business partnerships with the biggest fashion houses of the period, including the most prestigious Valentino and Lancetti. For these two brands Cillabijoux personally oversaw the jewelry for haute couture fashion shows both that of Pret à Porter collections.

But the dream of Cilla is always to open a shop to the public in 1993 and finally opened our showroom in Via Francesco Crispi, 72.

The store was an immediate great success. Unique, since the opening offers a personalized and friendly service that did not exist before in this type of shops.

In 1999, the daughter of Cilla, Raffaella Battaglia, the company takes part of life.

After attending the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Jewelry Design course will graduate with honors and won an internship at the famous jewelry Giansanti.

Raffaella, as the mother, thus acquired a good experience and a knowledge base gemmolica.

She also designs and creates jewelry for Cillabijoux and manages the laboratory, but also everything related events, fashion shows and merchandising … as of this website.