Our customers

From Cillabijoux the satisfaction of our customers comes first. We are a family-run workshop, why do not we focus on quantity but the quality of our items.

Our best advertising is word of mouth and that is why we devote our time and our attention to all our customers, loyal to the newer.

Coming from Cillabijoux knows for sure that will be served by a person who personally carries out the jewelry on sale, and that will give you all the information you want and if you want the right advice. The relationship with our customers is not cold and unfriendly, friendly and discreet at the same time. We do not like being pushy, if you ask for advice on choosing a jewelry we will be happy to help you, whether it be an object for yourself or a gift.

If you need a custom creation, even for a particular dress, come into the store with her dress and we will study together the most just and more harmonious.

If you have old jewelry or jewelry that do not put more and want to modernize, bring it, we will see together how to change them according to your taste and your desires.

Do you want to embellish a simple head and make it special? take it, we can study the decorative buttons or embroidery handmade jewelry that will make your dress unique. For many customers we have also embellished handbags and shoes!

Come and visit us, we will try to meet your every request.

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