One of the main features of the objects is the heterogeneity of the materials used.

In fact, in our store you will find jewelry made entirely from artificial materials, other natural materials, some with semi-precious materials … many of our creations in the choice of materials is also deliberately mixed to create unique objects of fantasy. Choose and mix the different types of materials is one of our strengths: being able to harmonize with plexiglass crystals, wood with semi-precious stones, leather with metal … in every possible combination that creates a harmonious and original jewelry.

Many of the nost jewelry are made with thin strips of leather (natural, not animal) of various colors, shades and contrasts with games very appealing.

This is a special cotton fiber coated with a wax (cotton, it is called) that recreates the effect of the skin with the advantage of protecting it, in fact, the wax creates a protective film that prevents the normal opacification of the fiber and its unraveling , remains unchanged in time.

In our store you can find creations in leather and semi-precious stones very original.

One of the materials we use more of all is the plexiglass, many of our items are entirely made with this wonderful material. But what is the plexiglass? as is often erroneously think plexiglass and plastic are NOT the same thing! we do not use anything that is plastic in our objects, and the reason is very simple: an object made of plexiglass instead of a plastic is vastly superior. In fact, the plexiglass, which is processed differently from plastic, has a high gloss long lasting, unlike the plastic becomes opaque after a while. It is also very light but extremely impact resistant … Plexiglas does not break! and if you do not fall line … thing that’s made with plastic. And ‘course, a material more expensive but the quality / price ratio of the objects in plexiglass is a clear winner.

The plexiglass is resistant, even to different actions such as dyeing. In fact, the factory comes clear, we in our laboratory we dye by hand, piece by piece, to recreate the shade or color desired point. E ‘with this process that we can create objects on demand. Many of our clients bring us their clothes and dyeing of plexiglass with us we can find the exact same color of the point.

The plexiglass is beautiful alone or mixed with other materials including precious, come and see our creations and judge you!

Although our jewelry are, for many items we use precious stones or semi-precious stones. You can find creations of mixed materials is of real jewelry with natural stones.

We love to use for their versatility of color and the quartz (amethyst, citrine, rock crystal, etc..) That the chalcedony (Onyx, Agate, etc…) Very impressive are also the elements in Pitra hard as coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli and precious stones such as Jade. Nature also gives us wonderful ideas to create original jewelry: horn, wood, shells … every material we can provide for the creation of a jewel!

And finally a little hint to our metals.

All our metal components, from decorative to those of small parts for closures or clips are strictly nickel-free. Allergy to nickel is common, many customers who previously were not wearing jewelry for fear of the outbursts that we are now safe to buy an item allergy.

And even for those who are allergic to gold? no problem! All our items are changed at the wish of the customer. If there is a severe allergic can completely replace all the metal parts, for example, we may base line and clip earrings with skin and avoid contact with skin mechanically, or we can replace the closure with a snap in a strip of tissue and close bracelets and necklaces that in this way.

All you can do, our philosophy is to never leave a customer dissatisfied enough to have a lot of imagination and passion!

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