Cillabijoux: unique creations for high fashion

Cillabijoux is not just a shop selling handmade jewelry, is also a workshop that produces precious and unique objects specifically for the parade of high fashion. In recent years there have been many Cillabijoux collaborations with big names in fashion. Valentino and Lancetti include for example, we created along with the jewelry designer of clothes for many of their collections.

This is a big commitment for a small lab like ours, but the passion for this work and for this wonderful art form makes us overcome every difficulty. And ‘just for the passion we put into every object that we created that we want to satisfy all our customers, whether they have a special request for larger orders is simple to Cillabijoux makes no difference, what counts for us is the quality of ‘finished object and soddistazione of our customers.

To make you dream a bit with the jewelry show, here are some pictures … but come to find us in Via F. Crispi 72 … this is just a small window from which a glimpse of our little world.

4 thoughts on “Cillabijoux: unique creations for high fashion”

  1. I’m so pleased I discovered your store and always visit when I travel to Rome…

    Your designs are beautiful and unusual and so very stylish…

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