Carnival 2011

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Soon we will enter in the middle of the carnival, many of us are already thinking about how to make a mask cute and fun for you and your children.

Remember, especially when you decide to make a mask the most important thing are the details! do not leave anything to chance, the perfect makeup, clothing and accessories of course! and who better than us can help make your unique and original form?

Visit us in store, via F. Crispi 72, tell us your idea and we will try together to find the right solution and detail that will make your unique costume! not only simple but also jewelry clasps for particular hairstyles; jewel embroidery on clothes, shoes or on the Stock Exchange; details that can really make a difference … studied carefully and obviously all made by hand!

We still have a little time before it reaches the climax of the carnival, so be quick and show us your ideas … we will create for you something truly unique and special.

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